The Training Group

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The Training Group is an opportunity for actors, both emerging and established, to explore the actor’s craft and seminal plays in an intimate training group setting guided by one of Toronto’s leading theatre artists.

The Training Group aims to integrate advanced text work while engaging participants in active dialogue and practical experience focusing on exploring the actor’s process. Over the last few years, we have been honoured to create a space for artists to connect, explore and work, and we look forward to hosting our next session soon.


The Training Group Session 7 with Christine Horne

Past Training Group Sessions & Instructors:

Session 1: “Strengthening the Actor’s Process” – Exploring Ibsen’s A Doll’s House with Nancy Palk

Session 2: “Contemporary Canadian Monologues” – A scene study approach with Ken Gass

Session 3: “Performing Shakespeare” – An exploration of text with Ben Carlson

Session 4:August in August” – An August Wilson scene study with Tanisha Taitt

Session 5: “Accessing Comedy” with Oliver Dennis

Session 6: “Daring to ‘Get it Wrong’” – Taking Risks and Finding Freedom in your Process with Christine Horne

For any questions about The Training Group, please email us at and keep posted for our next session announcement.


“I loved studying with [my instructor] during The Howland Company’s scene study class. The Training Group provided a safe and welcoming environment to play in, and I would jump at the opportunity to do it again.”
– Michael G. // Actor

“The Training Group with was an irreplaceable experience. As an auditioning actor we don’t often feel that training with artists of [my instructor’s] caliber is something that is accessible to us for many reasons; financial, scheduling, etc. Working with them alongside other artists I admire with such rigour is a feeling a haven’t felt since my formative conservatory work. The work was extremely elevated and exciting in the same way you feel in an ensemble where the bar is high and everyone wants the work to be upheld with a level of excellence. [My instructor’s] specificity and concern for artists’ development has changed the trajectory of my work.”
– Mandy M. // Actor

“I’m so thankful to The Howland Company for continually giving back to the theatre community with opportunities to learn, play, and create with other artists. The Training Group is a wonderful resource for actor’s at all stages of their career. I believe an actor’s training is never complete, and I was beyond grateful for the opportunity to dive into the depths of the Canadian theatre archive with a legend. It was a great chance to reconnect with some basic techniques, and also continue to push myself into new territory.”
– Christina B. // Actor

“The Training Group was an amazing chance to work with [an instructor that] I’d admired and respected. The others in the group were well-matched as partners, and I learned both from observation and practice. Highly recommended!”
– Doug W. // Actor