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The Wolves

  – The Globe and Mail “The Wolves is worth cheering on, and loudly. The impressive teamwork does indeed make the dream work.”

– Toronto Star “The Wolves is a gloriously frank and intense depiction of extraordinary young women.”

NNNN – NOW Magazine “The Wolves is so riveting it will make you howl.”

Mooney On Theatre “Go see The Wolves. Please. It’s moving and howlingly funny and as full of life as the most suspenseful soccer game… This production, by The Howland Company and Crow’s Theatre, brims with vitality, humour, and heart; it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in some time.”

My Entertainment World “Sarah DeLappe’s The Wolves is one of the finest pieces of theatre I’ve had the pleasure to see. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Howland Company’s production has everything. It’s fresh, witty, heartwarming, moving and tragic. Rarely could I recommend a play so wholeheartedly.”

 – My Gay Toronto. “Riveting, fresh and surprising and exhilarating. A lot of that has to do with the ensemble, all of whom are individually powerful but also so tightly interlocked that teamwork is not just a metaphor but a virtuoso demonstration.”

Broadway World Toronto “Sarah DeLappe’s first foray into playwriting is a complete knockout, and is brilliantly directed by Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster and produced by The Howland Company and Crow’s Theatre.”

The Slotkin Letter “The Wolves is a terrific play given a wonderful, compelling production… Beautiful.”  

The Toronto Star – Post-Show Reflection & Interview – “I told them that this is your opportunity to retrain your ears to hear voices that we are all collectively, myself included, trained to miss,” Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Director.
“The Wolves, Dry Land and School Girls provide a new platform for teenage girls’ stories” by Carly Maga. Read the piece here.

CBC Radio’s Here and Now – Interview with Heath V. Salazar & Hallie Seline. Listen to the interview here.

CTV Toronto News at 6 – The Wolves Preview and Interview with Ruth Goodwin & Hallie Seline. Starts at 38min mark. Watch here.

CBC Sports – Post-Show “Women in Sports” Panel Reflection by Signa Butler
“For women in sports, you need to see yourself to believe in yourself… The Wolves’ show how vital sport can be for the empowerment of young women.” – Signa Butler, CBC Sports & Olympic Broadcaster. Read here. 

The Toronto Star – What To See In Toronto

Post City – “Must See This Fall”

Toronto Life – What To See In Toronto 

Punk Rock


NNNN – This production by the red-hot Howland Company showcases moving, realistic performances that explore power and bullying, identity and mental health, and friendship and complacency in ways that are in turn rich in subtlety and overwhelming in intensity […] If the show’s stunning climax doesn’t leave you shaken to your core, you’d better check your pulse.”
– Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

“Talked about The Howland Company’s brilliant production of PUNK ROCK with a friend for the last half hour… Just riveting theatre. Best ensemble I’ve seen on stage in some time. And so sharply directed. Hope it returns next season somewhere.”
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

FOUR STARS – Punk Rock is a shattering evening of theatre you will not soon forget.”
– Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

“Punk Rock is a roller coaster ride of emotion and fine acting […] A jaw-clenching, gut-twisting play about bullying in a grammar school in north England with chilling results. The production is terrific.”
– Lynn Slotkin, CIUT

“Quite literally one of the most “stunning” plays I’ve personally ever seen. The talent in this show is off the charts […] unforgettable.”
– Mooney on Theatre 

PUNK ROCK – Top “Three To See” in Toronto
– Intermission Magazine

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons


“Winner of Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Direction by Harveen Sandhu, Outstanding Performance by Ruth Goodwin & James Graham”
– NOW Magazine’s Best of Fringe 2017

“Left speechless… Superb, disturbing play, brilliantly directed and performed.”
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

“NNNN & Critic’s Pick – The Howland Company delivers another emotional, insightful and super-relatable relationship two-hander… Lemons will make you think more deeply about what you say.”
– Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

“Exceptional performances by Ruth Goodwin and James Graham”
– The Toronto Star

“Sharp, thoughtful…intricate and rewarding.”
– Mooney on Theatre

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons – Top 12 Shows to See at The Toronto Fringe 2017
– blogTO

The Howland Company’s Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons – Young Stars to See at The Toronto Fringe
– The Globe and Mail

The Howland Company’s Ruth Goodwin interview on CTV’s Your Morning with The Toronto Fringe’s Kelly Straughan. Watch it here.

52 Pick-Up


NNNNN – As amazing as people say, thrilling and involving theatre…You might want to see the show more than once, it’s that good.”
– Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

“One of the best productions in this year’s [Toronto] Fringe”
– Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

“A romantic comedy sure to ignite sentimental memories… A sugary-sweet romantic comedy performed by alternating cast members of the plucky, young Howland Company… No matter your current relationship status, there is something in 52 Pick-Up that will likely spark your own mosaic of romantic memories.”
– Carly Maga, The Toronto Star

A+ Start with good people. The Howland Company has done a lot right since its inception about a year ago. They have established their place in the community through a play reading series and generated significant buzz leading into their first full production. But the thing they did the most right was start with good people. There is so much talent in this company that I wanted to see 52 Pick Up 4 times. Simply and smartly directed by Lancaster and Santalucia, 52 Pick-Up is a rare theatrical gem open to a million possibilities.”
– Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

“Beyond the exciting, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants spontaneity of the performance, what I loved about this show is how relatable the story is. Anybody who has ever been on an awkward first date, fallen in love, had a relationship with a significant other and fallen out of love will see themselves in this couple. I laughed, I cried and I wasn’t the only one.”
– Sam Mooney, Mooney on Theatre

“It’s a rare show that appeals to both the happy couples, the happily (or bitterly) single, and everyone in the middle.”
– Steve Fisher, Torontoist

The Glass Menagerie

Photo of Hannah Spear, James Graham and Tracey Hoyt by Yannick Anton

“To make a masterpiece feel new, relevant and exciting without resorting to a complete overhaul is a rare thing. McKee and the cast succeed by finding resonances in the most powerful moments that amplify rather than reorient the spirit of Williams’s work for a modern audience.”
– Jordan Bimm, Now Magazine

“If you are already in love with this play like I am, you cannot afford to miss this austere, cool, vibrant production. If you’re not familiar with the text, this is a great introduction; it honours the spirits of desperation and hope that haunt this poetic classic. “
– Mooney on Theatre

“The Howland Company already has a Fringe hit with 52 Pick-Up, which received multiple remounts, recognition from Soulpepper and Canadian Stage, and a loyal following among indie theatre audiences and it makes sense that new layers of such a well-known play would be revealed by younger artists than in traditional, straight-forward productions.
– Carly Maga, The Toronto Star


“Best Ensemble Performance” – Toronto Theatre Critics Association Awards (The Wolves)

“Outstanding Production” – Critic’s Pick Awards (The Wolves)

“Outstanding Ensemble” – Critic’s Pick Awards Nomination (The Wolves & Punk Rock)

“Best of Fringe” – The Toronto Fringe Festival (Entrances and Exits)

“Outstanding Ensemble” – Dora Mavor Moore Award Nomination (Punk Rock)

“Patron’s Pick” – The Toronto Fringe Festival (Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons)

Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Direction by Harveen Sandhu, Outstanding Performance by Ruth Goodwin & James Graham”
– NOW Magazine’s Best of Fringe 2017 (Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons)

“Best of Fringe” – The Toronto Fringe Festival (52 Pick-Up)

“Outstanding Direction & Outstanding Ensemble” – Now Magazine (52 Pick-Up)

“Outstanding Ensemble” – My Entertainment Theatre Awards (Casimir and Caroline)

“Emerging Artistic Direction” Award – The Soulpepper Theatre Company

RBC Emerging Company in Residence – Canadian Stage


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