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Over the next few months, The Howland Company will be working towards its most ambitious season yet by producing its first original work for a full run at the prestigious Scotiabank Studio Theatre at Streetcar Crowsnest in Toronto.

Casimir and Caroline — in a new version commissioned by the company—will feature the largest number of Howland Company members to date, across multiple artistic platforms including: production, writing, directing, acting, and design, as well as some of the most exciting young artists in Toronto.

Your support is integral in our ability to meaningfully employ our award-winning team of artists in this new Canadian play that will appear in one of Toronto’s newest and most vibrant theatres. The ability to do so ensures The Howland Company will not only remain a leader in Toronto’s independent theatre community, but will also secure our future by providing a platform for us to grow our audiences, artistic team, and programming for seasons to come.

Casimir and Caroline was originally written in 1939 by Hungarian playwright Odön von Horváth as he entered young adulthood. In it, Horváth expertly, beautifully, and hilariously unpacked the anxieties of his generation—anxieties centered around global and economic unrest—and the ways those anxieties created a sense of profound loneliness in his peers. These anxieties feel entirely relevant to those faced by young people today—which is why The Howland Company has undergone the five-year process to rewrite the world of Horváth’s 1930’s Europe to reflect the Toronto of 2020. In doing so, the play’s portrait of class, the economy, social justice, and love has been given new life—culminating in a wholly original version of the play set to premiere this January.

In order to produce this project, The Howland Company is undergoing its largest fundraising campaign yet.

With your support, we hope to raise the money needed to bring this ambitious project to life.

Your contribution will go towards:

  • Ensuring our artists are meaningfully employed under industry-standard rates that aim to provide a living-wage to next-generation, and emerging talent.
  • Providing a professional platform on which these artists can be showcased at one of Canada’s leading artistic institutions—Crow’s Theatre.
  • Allowing us to continue to provide accessible pricing for our audiences by subsidizing ticket sales.

Your support is critical in achieving these goals and we thank you for your ongoing aid. Without it, we would not be able to create the opportunities we have, nor would we have been able to establish The Howland Company as a leading independent arts organization in Toronto.

With this project, we are committed to growing the scope of what we can produce, how many artists we can employ, and which audiences we feel need the most support to be able to access inspiring theatre.

Your help will ensure this growth.


Want to Support What We Do Year-Round?

By donating to The Howland Company, you help us in so many ways. Your support allows us to continue the growth of our projects in development; it helps us run The Reading Group, our monthly cold-reading of a play with the community, free of charge; it helps us continue to offer affordable training opportunities for the community with The Training Group; and it is integral to helping us continue to produce exceptional work with some of the country’s most exciting young artists.


For information on more ways that you can help to support The Howland Company, contact us:

About the Howland Company

The Howland Company is a Toronto-based theatre ensemble. Our curiosity is in stories that impact our generation. Through our productions, training opportunities, and free community play reading group, we aim to connect and nurture a community that will be ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Monthly, The Howland Company hosts an open event called The Reading Group, where artists are encouraged to connect with fellow members of the Toronto theatre community and discover new plays together.

Bi-Annually, The Howland Company hosts a class called The Training Group: an opportunity for actors, both emerging and established, to explore seminal plays in an intimate training group setting guided by one of Toronto’s leading theatre artists.


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