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By donating to The Howland Company, you help us in so many ways. Your support allows us to continue the growth of our projects in development; it helps us run The Reading Group, our monthly cold-reading of a play with the community, free of charge; it helps us continue to offer affordable training opportunities for the community with The Training Group; and it is integral to helping us continue to produce exceptional work with some of the country’s most exciting up-and-coming artists and award-winning ensembles.

The Howland Company is a non-profit arts organization currently seeking charitable status. While at this time we are unable to offer a tax receipt for your donation, your support offers a vital building block as our company solidifies a strong foundation for future growth and our continued commitment to innovation on and off stage. 


For information on more ways that you can help to support The Howland Company, contact us:

About the Howland Company

The Howland Company strives for innovation on and off the stage. We are an artist-led and art-driven theatre company, dedicated to the production of electric stories that speak to the world and the times in which we live. Through an agile, collective-leadership model, Howland aims to build new operating structures that empower its artists with agency, skills, and growth opportunities. We seek to challenge and inspire our audiences through productions, training and community initiatives, fostering a new wave of theatre makers and theatre goers.

Monthly, The Howland Company hosts a free open event called The Reading Group, where all are welcome to gather, connect with fellow theatre-lovers, and discover new plays by reading together.

Bi-Annually, The Howland Company hosts a class called The Training Group: an opportunity for actors, both emerging and established, to explore seminal plays in an intimate training group setting guided by one of Toronto’s leading theatre artists.