take rimbaud


“we are all terrifying creatures these days. the restless ones. millennials? what do they seek? comfort or oblivion?”

By Susanna Fournier
Directed by Ted Witzel
Presented by The Howland Company as part of their 2016 RBC Emerging Theatre Company Residency with Canadian Stage
Featuring: Howland Company Members: Alex Crowther, Ruth Goodwin, James Graham, Cameron Laurie, Hallie Seline, Kristen Zaza, and actors Cara Gee and Sina Gi, with music provided by Adrian Morningstar.


About take rimbaud

take rimbaud is a post-dramatic adaptation of Arthur Rimbaud’s iconic poem ‘A Season in Hell’. Rimbaud appears alongside incarnations of poets Sylvia Plath, Paul Verlaine, and Sappho. It is an anachronistic mash up of rave, theatre, lecture, and drinking games positing hell as the nightmare experience of contemporary youth struggling to find meaning amidst catastrophic capitalism. There’s humour and music, drugs, sex, and Karl Marx. Currently in development, this workshop performance will be our first attempt at translating what is written to the stage, focusing on a selection of key scenes from the play.

The development of take rimbaud has formed a large part of The Howland Company’s RBC Emerging Theatre Company Residency at Canadian Stage, and is a collaboration with playwright Susanna Fournier, director Ted Witzel, musician Adrian Morningstar, and actors Cara Gee and Sina Gi. We’d really love to share it with you!

About Susanna Fournier

Susanna Fournier is an award-winning playwright based in Toronto. Her company, Paradigm Productions, is dedicated to the creation and development of new performance texts that embody the disruptive and transformational power of theatre. Her work is Feminist and anti-Imperial. Her writing is supported by The National Arts Centre of Canada, the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils, and by Toronto’s leading theatre institutions. www.susannafournier.com

About Canadian Stage’s RBC Emerging Theatre Company Residency

The Howland Company is thrilled to be Canadian Stage’s 2016 Company in Residence. As part of this residency, The Howland Company has been developing both Casimir & Caroline, focusing on the piece’s next phase of development, following its 2015 staged workshop, and on the development of take rimbaud.

The Canadian Stage RBC Emerging Artist Program: Company in Residence initiative was created out of a desire to support the work of emerging artists who are developing and producing theatre as new companies. Each season, a resident company is selected to receive access to Canadian Stage staff, space, resources, and a work-in-progress showing for a project of their choosing. The resident company also assists in curating workshops for the Emerging Artist Program membership.

Read more about Casimir and Caroline here.

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