– The Globe and Mail “The Wolves is worth cheering on, and loudly. The impressive teamwork does indeed make the dream work.” Read the review here.

– Toronto Star “The Wolves is a gloriously frank and intense depiction of extraordinary young women.” Read the review here.

NNNN – NOW Magazine “The Wolves is so riveting it will make you howl.” Read the review here.

Mooney On Theatre “Go see The Wolves. Please. It’s moving and howlingly funny and as full of life as the most suspenseful soccer game… This production, by The Howland Company and Crow’s Theatre, brims with vitality, humour, and heart; it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in some time.” Read the review here. 

My Entertainment World “Sarah DeLappe’s The Wolves is one of the finest pieces of theatre I’ve had the pleasure to see. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Howland Company’s production has everything. It’s fresh, witty, heartwarming, moving and tragic. Rarely could I recommend a play so wholeheartedly.” Read the review here.

 – My Gay Toronto. “Riveting, fresh and surprising and exhilarating. A lot of that has to do with the ensemble, all of whom are individually powerful but also so tightly interlocked that teamwork is not just a metaphor but a virtuoso demonstration.” – Drew Rowsome. Read the review here.

Broadway World Toronto “Sarah DeLappe’s first foray into playwriting is a complete knockout, and is brilliantly directed by Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster and produced by The Howland Company and Crow’s Theatre.” Read the review here.

The Slotkin LetterThe Wolves is a terrific play given a wonderful, compelling production… Beautiful.” – Lynn Slotkin. Read the review here.

Previews & Reflections:

The Toronto Star – Post-Show Reflection & Interview – “I told them that this is your opportunity to retrain your ears to hear voices that we are all collectively, myself included, trained to miss,” Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Director.
“The Wolves, Dry Land and School Girls provide a new platform for teenage girls’ stories” by Carly Maga. Read the piece here.

CBC Radio’s Here and Now – Interview with Heath V. Salazar & Hallie Seline. Listen to the interview here.

CTV Toronto News at 6The Wolves Preview and Interview with Ruth Goodwin & Hallie Seline. Starts at 38min mark. Watch here.

CBC Sports – Post-Show “Women in Sports” Panel Reflection by Signa Butler
“For women in sports, you need to see yourself to believe in yourself… The Wolves’ show how vital sport can be for the empowerment of young women.” – Signa Butler, CBC Sports & Olympic Broadcaster. Read here. 

The Toronto Star – What To See In Toronto

Post City – “Must See This Fall”

Toronto Life – What To See In Toronto 

She Does The City Interview & Review “THE WOLVES is an Intelligent and Fresh Perspective on the Life of Teenage Girls.”
“We get Mean Girls and things like Clueless, but we rarely get to see a band of young warrior women going through a trial together and coming out the other side.” – Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster. Read here.

Women’s World Football Show Interview & Review “The strength of a team and young people are on display in The Wolves. The Toronto cast proves that their chemistry is the crux of the show. It’s no wonder that the original production in New York was honoured with an Off-Broadway Obie Ensemble Award.” Read here.

In the Greenroom Interview with Director Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster “What inspires me are brave change-makers and storytellers. And people who listen.” Read here.

Sesaya Interview with Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster  “This show demands so much of its performers – they have to be physically fit, good at soccer, and so agile with their bodies and minds as they race through a script that moves at a very fast pace. It has been a tremendous challenge for all of us,” Courtney explains. “They have met it and exceeded it. I dare anyone to come to the show and not fall in love with each and every one of them.” Read here. 


Production Photography by Dahlia Katz