Entrances and Exits

Entrances and Exits (An Improvised Farce)

Don’t miss your chance to catch the SOLD-OUT FRINGE HIT
that everyone has been RAVING ABOUT!

2 Shows Added Featuring Special Guests… Colin Mochrie and Linda Kash!

When: August 22nd at 9pm & August 23rd at 7pm
Where: Toronto Centre for the Arts


About Entrances & Exits (An Improvised Farce)

Did you hear that? I think it came from the bedroom…

What is farce? An exaggerated and improbable series of events that serve solely for entertainment. Now take that, add a few suggestions from the audience, and watch what unfolds. In a new unscripted format, seven of Toronto’s best actors and improvisers piece together a 60 minute improvised play based on the traditional farces that we love like The Norman Conquests and Noises Off.

Created by: Ruth Goodwin & Liz Johnston,
Directed by: Paolo Santalucia
Presented by: The Howland Company in association with Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Starring: Ghazal Azarbad (Soulpepper Theatre), Conor Bradbury (Sex T Rex), Nigel Downer (The Second City Mainstage), Dylan Evans (Soulpepper Theatre), Ruth Goodwin (The Howland Company), Liz Johnston (Bad Dog Theatre), and Connor Low (Bad Dog Theatre) as well as multiple guest performances by Colin Mochrie (Who’s Line is it Anyway). Watch the improbable definitely happen.

The Format: Act 1 and Act 2 take place over the same window of time in adjoining rooms of the same house with a variety of (you guessed it) entrances and exits. Based on a format Ruth and Liz (life long best friends) used to run in Liz’s mom’s house for her friends, Entrances and Exits started as a show they would do for dinner parties where Act 1 would take place in the living room and Act 2 would take place in the adjoining dining room. Since then, Paolo has come on board with his farce and theatricality expertise to develop the format for the stage.


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